Construction Vibration Monitoring

Site Monitoring Services for Damage Prevention

Serving the Counties of: St Lawrence – Franklin – Lewis – Herkimer – Hamilton – Essex – Clinton – Warren – Saratoga – Fulton – Jefferson

Why is Construction Vibration Monitoring a Concern?

Construction vibration monitoring for explosive and blasting operations have been implemented for decades.  The focus has been on the vibration/shock wave that propagates from a controlled explosion such as rock removal on a road construction process.  Most recently the effects of vibration from construction activities, other than the use of explosives, have become of more concern.  The type of construction equipment and the use of this equipment may cause vibrations to leave a construction site and cause damage to adjacent structures or buried utilities.

How Can We Help Safeguard Your Project and Adjacent Structures?

AOK Engineering, PLLC recommends a process to identify preexisting damage, continued monitoring during the demolition or construction phase for vibrations that may cause damage, and a final survey to record any damage or lack of damage.  The construction vibration monitoring system will immediately notify the AOK team if a vibration level is near a determined level that may cause damage off-site.