Residential, Municipal, Commercial, Industrial & Environmental Design

Serving the Counties of: St Lawrence – Franklin – Lewis – Herkimer – Hamilton – Essex – Clinton – Warren – Saratoga – Fulton – Jefferson


AOK Engineering, PLLC is a full-service Engineering company that can take you from Concept-to-Key  for projects big and small. We provide residential, municipal, commercial, and environmental engineering solutions for new construction, expansions, and renovation projects. We also offer engineering consulting. From finding the perfect plot of land for the home of your dreams to performing local, state, and federal regulatory interactions, AOK is here to help guide you to success!


New Parcel Investigation

Choose the right piece of land for your project

New parcel investigation is one of the most important components for new construction, whether residential, municipal, commercial, or industrial. It’s critical to select a piece of land can fulfill the intended aesthetic and functional requirements. We can help you assess your options and provide you with the insight you need to make a selection that aligns with your vision.

Site Planning & Compliance

Maximize your property layout and meet compliance requirements

From driveways and parking to building locations, water supplies, and septic systems, we can ensure that you meet zoning and planning requirements. We provide full topographic surveys to assist with the completion of site planning and work with several local survey companies to provide the property metes and bounds as required base mapping for your site.

Sewer/Septic System Design

Get a cost-effective design that meets all of the regulatory requirements

Both residential and commercial septic systems are required by regulatory agencies to be designed by a design professional. AOK Engineering, PLLC has more than 23 years of experience in the design of septic systems. We’ll perform the required percolation tests and provide a cost-effective design that meets all the regulatory requirements.

Environmental Permitting

Regulation & Compliance Experts

We can navigate any regulatory compliance standards, whether it be Local, Regional, State or Federal. We can assist with shoreline stabilization, dock and boathouse permitting, wetland permitting, and assistance with navigating permitting on new developmental properties.

Building Designs

Get a design that is innovative, compliant, and efficient.

As a multi-discipline engineering firm, we integrate all systems in the design to provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient structure. Our experience and expertise in civil and structural engineering allows us to provide you with the best method to design your project while focusing on lowering the associated costs from new construction costs.

Blower Door Tests

Make sure you comply with New York State Energy Codes.

The New York State Energy Code makes it mandatory to conduct a blower door test for new buildings. Not only can we provide design services for compliant and energy efficient homes and facilities but we can also perform the actual test that is required by Codes.

A Dedicated Approach to Every Project

We’ve designed our project approach to be interactive, collaborative, and progressive, so that you can see your concept come to life and make real-time changes that can save you time and money in the long-run and improve your final product. Throughout the process, you’ll have multiple opportunities to perfect your design to ensure that the final result represents your concept. Plus, you’ll have the personal attention and expertise of the most senior members of our team to assist you throughout the entire process. As the design improves, we’ll be in communication to make sure that changes are made at the appropriate time and everything runs smoothly and efficiently.