New Parcel Investigation, Site Planning, Home Design, Septic System Design, Blower Door Tests

Serving the Counties of: St Lawrence – Franklin – Lewis – Herkimer – Hamilton – Essex – Clinton – Warren – Saratoga – Fulton

From Start-to-Finish

AOK Engineering, PLLC will be the roadmap to the home of your dreams.

AOK Engineering, PLLC will guide you through every aspect of your project, even if you have no idea where to begin.

How Can We Help? We do it ALL!

We can help you find the perfect plot of land that will be capable of meeting all of the regulatory compliance standards to build a home that meets all of the checks on your list. We can help you create and/or perfect your concept and drawings to give you a solid working foundation. We’ll help you plan your site and design your home and septic system.

More About Our Services

AOK Engineering, PLLC also provides engineering services and engineering consulting for municipal, commercial, and industrial projects of all sizes.

New Parcel Investigation

We’ll help you choose the perfect plot of land for your new home by investigating parcels before you make your purchase so you can make an informed decision.

Site Planning

We’ll help you maximize the layout of your property whilst meeting standard requirements for zoning, planning, and compliance.

Residential Home Design

Every home we design is a reflection of your aspirations and expectations combined with our technical skills and knowledge. We use a collaborative process that allows you to perfect your vision with care and efficiency over time so that your end result aligns with your concept.


Our home design workflow is essentially a three step process:

  1. 35% Drawings – We’ll take your ideas and create a code compliant set of drawings. We also provide suggestions based upon our experience.
  2. 65% Drawings – After the 35% drawings are finished, we will meet with you to discuss additional changes and implement them into new drawings.
  3. 100% Drawings – Lastly, we’ll meet for a third time and review the 65% drawings. After this review, we’ll finalize your drawings.

Septic System Design

With more than 23 years of experience designing septic systems, we’ll provide you with the most cost-effective design that meets all the regulatory requirements in your area.

Blower Door Tests

We’ll make sure your home passes New York State energy codes, from an energy-efficient home design to performing the actual test itself.

New York State Energy Codes require a Blower Door test to confirm that the construction of your new residence was built to air tightness requirements.

Aligning Your Budget and Your Vision

Our small team and modest overheads allows us to keep our prices competitive. With every project, we’ll assess your needs and provide a custom price that reflects the complexity and specifications of your design.